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buyer beware of hurricane cargo inc , Benji Giddens , Michael Gatewood , mikegatewood1@gmail.com , michael.gatewood@hurricanecargo.com , www.hurricanecargo.com , Kevin Pitts , www.enclosedtrailersforless.com and any other name they use.

read on them also at the www.BBB.org - they get F rating and 17 complaints.

these guys are a fraud!!! they built themselves a great reputation on ebay by selling item for small prices ( $5, $20, ...) and then advertise enclosed trailers for sell. they take from u the deposit price of $500 or more, drag u for 30 days with delays and excuses and then it's too late to get your money back from ebay Purchase Protection. they are artists in letting you believe that they are actually building your trailer and they will even send you pictures of a trailer in progress.

i ordered from them a trailer in 01/09/12 and paid them a deposit of $1,200. they told me in the beginning it will be ready within a week, then said it will be ready in 01/30, then 02/08, then 02/16, then 02/20. today is 02/16 and i stopped to believe to their B.S. after i purchased a flight ticket to go see the trailer and told them about that- they told me to cancel it because the trailer is not ready- they didn't want to get busted...

they don't have customer service, they barely answer to their calls(i called over than 80 times and got a hold of them maybe 6 times and they sound so reliable when you speak with them), they barely answers emails, and they never call back. they do just what needed to make you believe they are very busy and working on your trailer. they don't.

save your money, there are other companies that build trailers- don't fall for their cheap prices.

Benji Giddens represent himself as a sales person- he is %50 the owner with Michael Gatewood. these people are a fraud.

this is the website and address of their company until there their next fraud:


209 Glenn Bass Rd, Fitzgerald, GA 31750

Monetary Loss: $8500.

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Oakdale, California, United States #916224

If you are attempting to contact these *** bags and have already made your deposit or have a warranty issue you must call them using a different phone number and area code... But even then your gonna need a whole lot of luck getting anything out of them other then B/S....


I work at husky cargo as a welder and I believe that we are building a superior trailer than most companies. Mike has been very good to all of his employees and his quality team are very detailed oriented and strict,if you have a problem then maybe its 86you who's too picky!!!!

to loyal employee 2 Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States #931503

I too ALMOST bought an enclosed trailer from the Hurricane side of this company.They went so far as to send me the purchase order with all the options I wanted and a price break down.

Told me it would take 8-10 weeks to complete my 52' trailer with bells and whistles. It took me a few days selecting my optional colors to match my tractor. Was going to send $ and options list back at the same time. In the next 3-4 days I saw 3 of these Hurricane and Compass trailers.

And OMG! I HURRIED UP and canceled my request for a trailer. They were falling apart! The rear door on 2 were rubbing as they went up.

Therefore, this means that it's no longer "square" correct? All 3 had walls coming apart on the outside. In the back by the wheels and up by the neck. 2 of these trailers were about a year old and the 3rd was 6mos old.

Buddy, you might do a great job at what you do.

But, those around you have been coming up short.Buying me a Pace American trailer instead.

to loyal employee 2 Oakdale, California, United States #931672

Well that is only partly true.My trailer has some good qualities to it, that is true.

But the good qualities are no better than what any other trailer mfg would produce. period.

The design is nice that is for sure but plan and simply put; the work severally lack quality in areas and according to what other are saying those area's vary, which tell me there is no Quality Control. As far as your beloved boss he is a flat out fabricator, I have his pictures that prove that.

Pictures that you or one of your co workers took of my trailer that show all the defects and PROVE all the defects I stated on all five of my unanswered warranty claim existed prior to the trailer leaving the Hurricane mfg facility; which your boss stated did not.

I also have his correspondences were he stated "HIS 3M people" (which surprised me, I did not know 3M corporation or their employees worked for him) never-the-less "his 3m people said" there was nothing wrong with the work and it looked normal and that the pictures of the separating skin showed or proved nothing.

Funny thing, I contacted 3m corporation (tech division for the brand tape your boss stated he uses) and sent them the same exact pictures I sent your boss. They were able to I.D. 5 causes for what they were seeing.

Who is lying your Boss and "his 3M people" or 3M who has nothing to gain?


3M may be interested in knowing who the 3M employees are that are moonlighting for...

That I must retract my BBB complain before "he would "EVEN CONSIDER making a repair" A little perspective for the readers; after calling the hurricane facility (dialing several listed phone numbers) for weeks and not getting anyone to answer the phones I started calling from different Phone with different area codes and surprise surprise they answered their phones. But I got B/S and broken promises from them. and due to caller ID I had to keep changing the phone I used to call them to get them to answer. After filing 5 unanswered warranty claims using their web site following their procedures, I got no response from them.

So I filed with the BBB. Mike responded to the BBB. So I responded, by then I had the trailer at a certified repair facility they were attempting to contact Hurricane to get permission to inspect the trailer without voiding the warranty they got the famous hurricane proverbial run-around and after a few months of hurricane B/S and failure to answer or reply to their call and emails, they wrote a very short to the point evaluation regarding the condition of the trailer, Which I still have. I finally managed to get a reply from mike using this site and email so I make a fair simple offer which your boss mike RAN FROM!!!!

REFUSED TO ANSWER!!!! The offers was made via email, your boss refused to reply, I send the response to the BBB again your boss refused to posted the offer on this suite still your boss refused to respond. Here is my offer 9not word for word but close enough): I suggested your boss mike, give the repair facility permission to do a complete inspection of the trailer, this way the warranty is not voided. If the issues that I claimed did in fact exist then Hurricane Cargo would make all necessary repairs and pay all related expenses and after completion of the repairs I would contact the BBB and advise them that Hurricane did stand behind its product and corrected all issues to my satisfaction under its warranty.

But, if the problems did not exist and I was wrong then I would pay for the inspection myself, I would write to the BBB and explain that I was wrong and request that they retract my complaint, I would also write public apology and post it and would fore fit all future warrant claims releasing hurricane cargo from its warranty forever... Your boss refused period, he did not even respond....... THAT says all that needs to be said about hurricane cargo or any other name they go by. it speaks volumes about your boss.

People reading this can form their own impression as to the Quality, Ethics of hurricane cargo or what ever name your boss is using these day as well as the Honor and Integrity of your boss. I have all correspondence, I have phone call logs and tons of photos including the ones the hurricane cargo sent me that destroyed your claim that hurricane puts out a quality product.... Of course, we all understand that it is your perception that leads you to "believe" you put out a quality product. vs the photos hurricane employees took and sent to me of the trailer clearly inside the hurricane facility before it left the hurricane facility that PROVE otherwise.

I will not go away, I spent a lot of time making this trailer useable just fixing it so I could drive the car into it without damaging my car and the trailer along, was a project. By the way I was LIED to about being to drive my car into the trailer as well - just so they could close the sale. I expressed concern about being able to drive my car into the trailer and was asked to take several measurement of my car which I did and gave to hurricane the result of which I was told I would not have any problems getting my car into the trailer..... LYE!

Oh yes, did I mention the failed delivery date. The second requirement to close the sale was that the trailer be delivered before a specific date, as I had an event I needed it for. Well like others have stated after I made my payment hurricane never called me with up date, when the delivery date was fast approaching I started calling them I got the run around. I had to postpone my departure date based on a false revised delivery date which left me stranded.

Now I had to find a rental, then had to travel mile to pick it up the only trailer I could find that would work and it was a one way rental. The new delivery location was at the event I was attending which took 650 miles off the delivery cost (never got a credit) I was given progress reports and told my trailer was in route and would be their before even ended. LYE... The event ended I had to turn in the trailer and could not find a new rental that would work with my car so my family and I were stuck 650 miles from home with a car a truck and no trailer...

But we did get to take unscheduled days of work while spending more unplanned money on hotels and food expenses thank you hurricane cargo.... The trailer did eventually arrive and when it got their the I followed hurricane procedures and inspected the trailer. It was in such bad condition that the person that delivered it kept asking me if I thought the condition was caused by him - which obvious it was not. After the inspection he then asked me to put in writing what damage I though he may have done and state in writing what he did not do.

I simply wrote down the issues and concerns with the trailer and added that none of the issues were driver related........ ON record.... as required by Hurricane cargo...... As required I also called hurricane cargo.....

no answer..... for weeks on end....... until I called from a different are code and phone..... full circle.....

So let me recap the the finer points. This post says all that needs to be said about hurricane cargo or any other name they go by and it speaks volumes about your boss. People reading this can form their own impression as to the Quality and Ethics of hurricane cargo or what ever name your boss is using these day as well as the Honor and Integrity of your boss. I have all correspondence, I have phone call logs and tons of photos including the ones the hurricane cargo sent me that destroyed your claim that hurricane puts out a quality product....

Of course, we all understand that it is your perception that leads you to "believe" you put out a quality product.vs the photos hurricane employees took and sent to me of the trailer clearly inside the hurricane facility before it left the hurricane facility that PROVE otherwise.

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to loyal employee 2 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #997426

HAHAHA What a JOKE!I bet this is Mike Himself!

So you now pulled the SAME scam you did in Georgia!Keep blaming it on your imaginary friend - prepare to go to jail!

to loyal employee 2 Chicago, Illinois, United States #998841




Allen, Texas, United States #912043

I ordered a trailer from them back in October of 2010 with absolutely no issues at all. So they are legitimate business or at least they were at that time. This is good to see though because I was getting ready to order another trailer in the next few months.

New York, New York, United States #883618

I bought a 24' enclosed with am escape door that was built incorrectly and sagging almost unable to open it!!The trailer and owners are garbage.

They take your deposit and refuse to send you pics of the progress and made me go to Ga from NY only to realize the trailer is garbage.My fault, get what you pay for is so correct!!!

Beware and stay away!!!!!!


I didn't have quite as much trouble as most of you, but I wish I would have researched them before I bought.Ordered from Ebay and picked up without a problem, but after I ordered I researched them and was expecting trouble.

Drove from Pennsylvania to pick up. Their customer service is terrible. I picked the trailer up and towed to PA without a problem. After I used the trailer once, the whole trailer bent.

I don't believe I had it overloaded, but it is possible. The side panels are now wavy and the axles are bent. I blame it on the Z metal floor construction.

Should have bought a trailer with square tube floor supports.Live and learn.


Yes, you did post about the wrong company. Look above ***, you posted under Hurricane Cargo!

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